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Algerian Solitaire

You will be surprised, but Algerian Solitaire is an iconic solitaire game, but with its special rules. It looks like the Spider or Klondike you know, and at the same time is radically different. The task of all solitaire games is to transfer cards to a certain place or to completely remove them from the playing field. Algerian Solitaire is a challenging solitaire game. Don’t expect a quick solution, you have to think.

Move all cards from the bottom piles (reserve) to the eight foundation piles above. The left four piles, under the letter “A”, build starting with the Ace by suit to the King, and the right four piles, under the letter “K”, starting with the King down suit to the Ace. Cards located on the playing field below can be moved on top of each other as long as they are of the same suit and the card placed directly above or below at par, as well as the card below it. Click on the deck to get a new deal of cards.