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Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is one of the most widespread and popular solitaire games not only among fans of card games but also among PC users. This is not just an exciting activity, but also an opportunity to spend your free time playing an interesting card puzzle.


The rules of the spider are quite simple, but, like many solitaire games, it will not always be possible to decompose it. One or several incorrect moves can lead to the fact that there are no moves allowed according to the rules, and the alignment will have to start over. To play Spider Solitaire, the cards are laid out from left to right so that there are 10 columns. The first four columns are 6 cards each, the remaining 6 are 5 cards each. On the right, there will be 4 more groups of cards of 10 each, which will be used when the allowed moves are over.

Depending on the difficulty, cards of one suit, two or four can be used. The more there are, the more difficult the spider is. The game with the participation of the same suit is laid out as follows. The lower one is put on the card of the highest value. Full groups of cards that start from the King (the highest card) to the Ace (the lowest, which is placed on the 2) are removed, clearing the playing field. If two or more suits are used, the rules remain the same, but when the columns are folded, the colours alternate.

The rules for laying out Spider Solitaire are simple. After choosing one of three difficulty levels related to the number of card suits when laying out, you need to transfer all the cards from the central playing field to the piles at the top in descending order from a King to an Ace by suits.

It is very easy to play one suit, but if you are unable to advance in the game, then the “Help” button will come to your aid. Also, in case of an incorrect decision, you can click the “Undo” button. All these interface’s features greatly simplify the gameplay even for beginners.

With the help of the presented recommendations, you will gradually be able to increase the chances of your successful layouts to the maximum. It should be noted that not all layouts will be successful since the game algorithm also provides for unsuccessful cases so that all participants would be interested in competing. We wish you success and good luck.