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Freecell is a popular version of the solitaire puzzle game. This time you are going to play Freecell solitaire. You need to clear the playing field from the cards. To do this, you need to layout the cards in descending order by suits of opposite colours.

In this game, 52 cards are dealt face up in eight columns. There are also 4 cells which are called “house” and 4 “free” cells. These cells serve as a place for sorting cards. Your goal is to collect all the cards in the “houses” from an Ace to a King. Sounds simple? The tricky part is that you can only move one card at a time. Only the top cards from 8 columns and cards from the cells available for the game. Each cell can contain only one card. The cards in the cells can be transferred to the “house” or back to the deck of 8 columns. Can you transfer all the cards to the “house” and win? Play Freecell now and find it out.