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Golf Solitaire Pro

Welcome to the simple yet very addictive Golf Solitaire Pro. A green court and seven rows of playing cards are waiting for you. What unites golf and solitaire is not clear, but here you will be playing solitaire. Golf Solitaire Pro is a popular type of solitaire game. The ultimate challenge is to remove all cards from the playing field. In easy mode, you can put an Ace on a King and a King on an Ace. In hard mode, only a Queen can be put on a King, and only a 2 on an Ace. The buttons in the top menu allow you to restart the game or exit to the main menu to select a different difficulty of the game.

The rules of the game are quite simple, you just need to be careful. Remove all cards from the field to the deck, placing a card of higher or lower by one value on top of the existing one, while the suit is not taken into account. You can flip cards from a closed deck, but you can only look at it once. Any last action can be undone. Jokers can be put on any card and on the Joker too. Start playing Golf Solitaire Pro now. Enjoy the game.