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Golf Solitaire

The game uses one deck of 52 cards. In Golf Solitaire the deck is supplemented by two analogues of the joker – “wild” cards, which can replace cards of any value. They help to continue the combination when the matching cards on the field are out. About half of the cards are laid out on the board in the form of a specific figure. The goal of the game is to complete as many levels as possible, clearing the playing fields one by one.

Golf Solitaire is considered to be an easy solitaire game and it is quite simple to play it. The deck is carefully shuffled and 7 rows of 5 cards in each row are laid out in an open form. These are game cards. The remaining deck is placed on top and next to it is the base card slot. You can move the face-up cards of the playing rows to the cell near the deck in ascending sequence, without taking into account the suit. Only deuces can be put on Aces, but you can’t put any cards on Kings. The cards are moved one at a time. Solitaire is finished if all cards are collected on the base cell in ascending sequence by suit.