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Klondike Freecell Spider Solitaire

Klondike Freecell Spider Solitaire is a whole set of solitaire games. At the same time, you can choose different game modes, for example, daily or challenge mode. You can choose a new solitaire every time and master more and more card games online. With Klondike Freecell Spider Solitaire game you will never get bored.

A 52-card deck is used. After shuffling it, the deck should be laid out into 8 piles – 4 piles by 7 cards and 4 piles by 6 cards. The stacks are stacked in such a way that the cards slightly overlap each other. Above, you should allocate 8 places for yourself. The first 4 will be basic for collecting cards out of the game and 4 for help. Aces need to be transferred to the base places first if they are not covered by other cards. If not, you need to open them. You can also transfer stacks of cards if they are stacked from larger to smaller, and their suits alternate. When transferring a stack, you cannot exceed the limit consisting of the number of free auxiliary places + one card. Cards are stacked by suit. The winning comes after the playing field is empty.