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Spider Soli

Welcome to the Spider Soli – play full screen in a collection of 3 Spider card games in one. All three have the classic rules of the game, only the complexity of the layout differs, depending on the initial number of suits. Select the desired playback mode from the main menu: with 1 card suit – for beginners, (spades); middle level – 2 suits of cards (hearts and spades); hard – all four suits. In all modes, the common goal is to collect all the sequences in descending order from a King to an Ace.

Any solitaire is laid out based on two full decks – 104 cards, of which 54 are on the playing field, and 50 are in stock. Only the lowest cards are transferred to the base of the higher rank. A sequence of cards of the same suit is carried over as one. An empty cell can be occupied with any card. If you reached the limit of possible moves on the playing field, you can click on the stock in the lower right corner. Then 10 cards will be evenly added to each cell, try not to do this until you are sure that there are no other moves.