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Spider Solitaire Big

Spider Solitaire Big is one of the world’s most popular single-player card games. The rules for playing Spider Solitaire are very similar to the classic Solitaire. If you are a fan of PC solitaire, you will love this Spider Solitaire Big! Your task in this game will be to add several rows of cards in the stated order. Think carefully about your moves so as not to get stuck, and if there are no more combinations, lay out a new row from the remaining deck, and start again!

You probably know the rules of Spider Solitaire Big, but let’s remind them just in case. To collect solitaire, fold the cards on the playing field in order from a King to an Ace according to suit. You can move individual cards between piles regardless of their suit or colour, but only cards of the same suit can be moved in a group. If there are no moves left, click on the deck in the upper left corner to deal another row of cards, provided that there are no free cells on the playing field. Points for each Spider Solitaire Big are awarded based on the number of moves, the game time and the difficulty mode.