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Crescent Solitaire 2

Crescent Solitaire 2 is a fresh look at the classic game. Control two decks trying to keep the chaos under your control. Remove all decks from the game to beat each game in this new fun solitaire game. Keep classically playing your cards until you win, and then you can play again to try and to beat your own best score.

Your goal in this game is that you need to move all the cards that are in the outer crescent-shaped decks into the 8 decks that are in the middle. Collect two decks in the centre of the pyramid, arrange the cards in ascending order. They must be placed strictly according to the suits. Build one deck starting with the Aces. Start collecting the second deck with the Kings and so on. An interesting game is waiting for you. You need to be careful and think over your every step. Looks as simple as classic solitaire.