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Solitaire Tripeaks & Golf

In this Solitaire Tripeaks game, you can enjoy playing with an updated brand-new solitaire user interface. During this card game, you will enjoy solitaire and exciting background music and pictures. Solitaire Tripeaks keeps the game in the spirit of the classic Tripeaks solitaire and brings you hundreds of different Tripeak boards that are both fun and time-wasting. Enjoy new features to this Tripeaks solitaire, including undo (search for missed cards), Joker, 3 card removal, etc. We believe you will be addicted to enjoy this Tripix solitaire with brand new features. By removing all unnecessary features, our Tripeaks solitaire is the easiest to enjoy an intuitive design.

Golf is a solitaire for one deck of 52 cards. Thirty-five cards are laid out in seven rows of five cards face up. These are working cards. The remaining seventeen cards remaining in the deck will be basic. On the first base card, laid out from the deck, you can move free (uncovered) working cards higher or lower by one in value, regardless of the suit. When the eligible working cards run out, the next base card is laid out from the deck.

There are exceptions: only deuces can be put on Aces, nothing can be put out on Kings. Card blocks cannot be moved. The goal of the solitaire game is to place all the cards on the base. This solitaire is categorized as medium difficulty. There are also complicated and simplified options. In the complicated version working cards at the beginning of the layout are laid out in five working rows of seven cards each. In the simplified version working cards at the beginning of the layout are laid out in seven working rows of four cards. The popular Three Towers and Six Peaks games also use the Golf game mechanism but offer to disassemble the layout from face up and face down pyramid cards with a common base. One more point, the classic game of golf cards does not allow the transfer of the Kings to the Aces or vice versa. Ace is covered only by a 2, and the King is covered only by a Queen. This is important, the limitation makes the task of winning very difficult. Try the game in different variations of the rules, compare and choose the most suitable option. We wish you pleasant discoveries.