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Regular Solitaire

Four decks of cards of each suit are mixed on the Regular Solitaire game table. The player’s task is to collect them in separate cells from the top, laying out the piles in ascending order. The cards in the columns can be interchanged by choosing the order from higher to lower denomination, but alternating red and black emblems. Whole columns of cards are rearranged in the same way. Show face down cards to solve the solitaire faster. If the move is impossible, you need to take a card from the pile. The timer on the left counts down the time, prompting the desire to set personal records.

The rules of the game are simple. Even if you are not familiar with Regular Solitaire, you can still figure it out in a matter of seconds. After starting the game, you will see four piles of cards, all cards are laid out in a chaotic order. You need to remove one card from each pile, forming a new one, where all the cards of the same suit would be kept. In this case, the cards should be laid out as their value increases. But the King serves as the basis, and on it you can already add the rest of the cards of the same suit, starting with a six. The solitaire must end with an Ace in each of the piles.