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Crescent Solitaire

The goal of the game Crescent Solitaire is to collect several shuffled decks. One main deck is assembled in ascending order, and the second in descending order. Also, you can temporarily put the cards interfering with the rearrangement on cards of the same suit, but of a lower rank. When all possible shifts of cards are completed, you can additionally shuffle the deck.

It is necessary to transfer the cards in the crescent formation to the decks in the centre. And in decks with the Kings, we put cards in descending order, in decks with the Aces – in ascending order. The suit in Crescent Solitaire is taken into account. We warn you, the solitaire is difficult and it’s difficult to lay it out. The game involves 104 cards. It is important to always remember where the card of the suit or value needed situating to continue playing. Luck also plays an important role. You may get an insoluble layout.