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Freecell Solitaire Time

Freecell Solitaire Time is a popular type of online solitaire. The difference from the classic card game is that the cards on the playing field are laid out face up. But this does not make the game easier. Solitaire seems like a difficult game, but over time you begin to understand the principle and logic of the game. And from the first glance at the layout of the cards, you see and evaluate the level of complexity.

The game is played with a full deck of 52 cards. All these cards are laid out in a row of 8 columns. The first four rows contain 7 cards, the rest – 6 cards. Also above the playing field itself, there are empty cells where cards will be laid out, 4 cells to the right and 4 cells to the left. In the right cells, it is necessary to put the cards in order, starting with the Ace and ending with the King. The left 4 cells are temporary storage. Any 4 cards that interfere with you at this stage of the game can be put there.