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Classic Solitaire 2

The goal of the game Classic Solitaire 2 is to arrange all the suit cards from the King to the Ace. The more suits you play in Classic Solitaire 2, the more difficult it is to solve this puzzle game. The game provides three classic variants of the game. In the first version, you will play with only 1 suit, in the second there will be 2 suits, and the most difficult mode where you can spend a lot of time is the 4-suit mode. If there are no matching values ​​in the layout, click the reserve deck. New cards are not revealed as in classic solitaire but are laid out at the end of each row, so the rows will have to be laid out again.

Collect a sequence of suits whenever it’s possible. Mixed groups are equally important because they help to open blocked cards. The special feature of the solitaire is the empty columns. Do not miss the opportunity to remove the smallest stack on the field to put one of the King’s sequences in the open space. Try to lay out cards with high value before others, because these piles will be useful for longer. You cannot put a card on the Ace.