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Free Freecell

Card solitaire Free Freecell differs from the classic one by the absence of a spare deck of cards. We also have larger playing cards. Each player can temporarily transfer a card to the cell to get the correct combination later. Otherwise, the rules of the game do not differ from the traditional ones. All cards are laid out in four piles by suit in decreasing order. The winner is the one who is the first to correctly lay out the entire deck and spend as little time as possible on it. You can play together, as well as try your hand at fighting the computer.

Here the task is like in all solitaire games. Namely, the parsing of cards into cells, where on the right are cells for collecting cards, and on the left are the so-called free cells, where you can temporarily move cards. The design of the game is made under the old Windows. That only adds interest. Since after the victory, you will receive a congratulatory bonus. Good luck.