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Original Freecell

Original Freecell game, with a certain skill, is played out quite often. So the authors of this version of it decided to add a timer to the game by setting it to 10 minutes. The time limit, as usual, puts additional pressure on the player, forcing him to act faster and, accordingly, make mistakes. Do not fall for this bait – there is enough time. The main highlight of the solitaire is four free cells which can be used during the game for the temporary storage of cards. Each of the four slots can contain only one card at a time.

Original Freecell game is played from cards of one standard deck. In this case, all cards, without exception, are revealed and laid out on the playing field. At the start, you see eight sorting columns of six cards in each and seven in the left four. A task that is quite traditional for many solitaire games: you need to move all the cards from the playing field into four piles – “bases” (top right), distributing them by the suit and sorting them in ascending order of their values.