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Crescent Solitaire 3

Crescent Solitaire 3 is a hardcore solitaire game where you play several decks in strict order. At the same time, you should pay attention to additional rules that complicate the main goal. If you like playing solitaire games, try this one. Your goal is to shift all the cards into 8 decks in the centre by removing cards by suit in order from an Ace to a King (top 4) and vice versa (bottom 4). Cards can also be stacked between the outer piles according to their value and by suit. If there are no moves left, use the Reshuffle button.

The centre Aces and Kings serve as bases on which you must place other cards. You can move them between individual cells at the edges of the playing field, but using only cards of the appropriate value. Collect all the elements into a single chain and solve this puzzle game. You need to transfer all the cards located at the edges of the field to the middle. Examine carefully the cards that are laid out in several layers. Enjoy playing this solitaire and complete it in the shortest amount of time.