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Daily Freecell

This game invites you to play a traditional Daily Freecell solitaire game. Apply cards to others, the suit of which is of the opposite colour, and the value is 1 point lower. Free up the necessary cards in this way, and put them on special fields in a strict order. And if some cards turn out to be superfluous, then they can always be put aside on a free cell. But to just relax or while away your free time, you can play Daily Freecell a couple of times. Daily Freecell game is suitable for fans of card games and solitaire games.

The goal of this game is to move all cards to the bases (top right position). You will have 8 columns of cards opened from the beginning. Bases must be built from cards of the same suit and in ascending order. You can only move a card from the pile if the pile is empty or if the top card in the pile is one more point and has the same colour as the cards you want to bet. You can put one card on any of the four spaces (top left position). The faster you finish this game, the more points you will get.