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Windows Freecell Solitaire

Windows Freecell Solitaire game does not differ from the classic FreeCell solitaire from Microsoft, known since the days of Window. Due to its old age, it is somewhat mediocre visually but still presents an interesting logic puzzle. You can play Windows Freecell Solitaire on several difficulty levels.

Regardless of the level, all cards at the beginning of the game are laid out in 8 approximately equal columns. The top row is reserved: the right half is for the collected sequences from an Ace to a King, the left half is for cards temporarily removed from the field. In this version of the game, only an easy difficulty is available. However, this version also has its peculiarities. You have only 10 minutes to remove all the cards to the “house”. Also, there are no prompts or cancellations of moves. The result of the game depends on your skills.