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FRVR Solitaire

FRVR Solitaire is a classic solitaire game with a nice design. A standard deck of cards (52 cards) is used. The whole deck is laid out in 8 columns, face up. There will be four columns of 7 cards and four more columns of 6. There are also 4 cells called “home” (top right) and 4 “free cells” (top left). At the start of the game, they are all empty. In FRVR Solitaire, you can temporarily move cards that cover other cards on the playing field. Undo button in the bottom corner will help to cancel a move, and in the Menu you can change settings. Here you will find not how to start a new game, but also the rules in the How to Play section, as well as a map with levels (one for each day).

In the classic version of solitaire, you need to collect all the cards starting from an Ace. You cannot move the piles of cards if all 4 free cells are occupied. You can transfer one card from a column or a free cell, and if you need, transfer a pile of cards. You can do it only one at a time, using empty columns and free cells. If you have 3 empty slots, you can drag a pile of 3 cards.