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Microsoft Klondike Solitaire

For everyone who likes to spend time playing various card games, we present a collection of exciting Microsoft Klondike Solitaire. Microsoft Klondike Solitaire is five card games in one package:

A timeless classic that is most simply called Solitaire. Try to remove all cards from the playing field using the traditional scoring method or the popular game.

Use four free slots to move cards, trying to clear the playing field. FreeCell requires a more sophisticated strategy than Klondike, forcing players to plan the game several moves ahead.

Try to make out eight columns of cards in as few moves as possible. Play with one suit until you feel comfortable, and then try your hand at a game with two or even four suits.

Choose cards in descending or ascending order of seniority, earning points. How many fields can you clear before you run out of moves?

Match pairs of cards that add up to 13 to remove them from the playing field. Try to get to the top of the pyramid.