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Open Crescent Solitaire

Play the logic card game Open Crescent Solitaire and check if you can solve the solitaire game on the first try. This is a slightly complicated version of the classic solitaire game. Your task is to move all cards from the outer edge to the centre of the playing field.

There are 8 cards in the middle of the playing field. There are four Kings of all suits above, and four Aaces below. Cards are located in random order around the perimeter of the playing field. Your task is to move the cards from the outer field to the middle, having completely collected 8 decks of cards. In the top row from the Kings to the Aces, and the bottom row – vice versa. Take the cards from the top to reveal the bottom ones. The cards along the perimeter can not only be placed in the middle of the [laying field, but also placed on top of each other, but with an important condition. The cards must be of the same suit and go strictly in order. Sometimes you have to build complex combinations of actions, opening and closing cards in piles to get to the right one.