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Solitaire 21

Solitaire 21 is a game in which you have to hold between the numbers 21 and 0. It is not easy. For all the simplicity of the gameplay, the game is harder than it sounds. The difficulty will increase with each level. The game perfectly develops logical thinking and ingenuity. The game is great for relaxing after a hard day at work, but at the same time, it develops your brain. Collect all the cards with the numbers on the board keeping the sum from 0 to 21.

The game has many levels that differ from each other. Throughout the game, you will encounter various bonuses that will help you complete the levels. Your goal is to collect all the cards with numbers while keeping the value between 0 and 21. You have to choose cards with various numbers, which will either increase or decrease the number. Your task is to keep the number at the same level, so that it is not less than zero, and not more than twenty-one. The game has a simple and intuitive interface.