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Freecell 247

Freecell 247 is unique due to the successful combination of a high level of complexity and the minimum number of combinations that have no solution. Thus, the successful solution of solitaire depends only on the skill of the player, and not on luck. At the same time, some layouts add up in minutes without much effort, for others, they require hours to add without the ability to make even one mistake.

A deck of 52 cards is used to play the classic “Freecell”. It is laid out in 8 columns face up, therefore, the first four columns consist of 7 cards, the remaining ones of 6. In addition to the layout itself, there are 8 more cells on the playing field: 4 of them are the “house”, where cards of the same suit from ace to king, and 4 more are “free” and each of them is intended for temporary placement of one card of any denomination and colour.