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Freecell Blue

If you like FreeCell Solitaire, then you will fall in love with the Freecell Blue. The goal of any Freecell solitaire is that absolutely all solitaire cards from the beginning of the game are immediately laid out on the playing field. And the goals are always the same: play the solitaire by moving the cards from the playing field to the funds in the correct sequence of suits.

Classic Solitaire Freecell Blue is a solitaire card for one deck, with four reserve houses of cells. Its rules follow the standard instructions. The cards of the working field are transferred with alternating colours and decreasing value. For example, a Queen of red suit accepts a Jack of black, then 10 of a red suit, etc. Each position is known, and the strategy depends only on the number of unoccupied reserve slots because the number of cards carried by a group is the number of free slots +1. For example, if two cells are free, then on the working field up to 3 cards are transferred at once.