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Freecell Classic

Freecell Classic is one of the most popular computer solitaire games. It attracts players due to the combination of simple rules with a very fun process of playing. As in many other varieties, the combination is greatly influenced by the rolled combination, and at the same time, attentiveness in an alliance with patient shifting of cards helps to achieve victory, even if the situation seemed to be a failure at first.

At the beginning of the game, a 52-sheet deck is laid out in 8 stacks face up. Four of them contain 7 pieces, the remaining half of the columns – 6 each. To the left of the playing field, there are four empty cells vertically, in each of which one card can be placed during the game. On the right, there are four empty spaces with the image of the suits. These are “houses” of all four suits. Here, following the rules, cards are moved from the playing field. The initial building blocks of each House are the corresponding Aces. On them, an ascending sequence from a 2 to a King is assembled by suit.