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Free Spider Solitaire

Take a break from routine work and give your head a little rest, and Free Spider Solitaire game can be the best rest. You will find your favourite Spider Solitaire with three game modes of your choice. You can choose to play with one suit, two and four at the same time. The task is to remove all cards from the playing field using the deck located in the lower right corner. You have 10 minutes to remove all cards by sorting 1 suit from a King to an Ace. Want to make Free Spider Solitaire even harder? Play with two full decks of 4 suits and you can be proud of yourself if you complete the quest for 15 minutes.

Cards are removed in groups, in which there must be a complete set from an Ace to a King of the same suit. As soon as you make such a sequence, it will be deleted at the same moment. To achieve what you want, you can shift the existing cards as you like: alternating black and red suits. But remember that you can transfer groups of the same suits