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La Belle Lucie Solitaire

In the game La Belle Lucie Solitaire, every move is critical. The game requires a lot of planning and foresight and rewards the player with a great chance of success. It is known that one of the authors takes more than 10 minutes to make a move while planning the intricacies of competing strategies. For players, of course, it often takes a few minutes to plan a move.

The goal of La Belle Lucie Solitaire is to sort cards into four complete sequences in ascending order by suit. You can transfer only one card at a time. Press the redeal button to shuffle the cards and deal again. There are only two redeals in the whole game. You need to move all cards to piles by suit and in ascending order. You are offered three options for the game: easy, medium and hard. There are some differences in these options which you can find out while playing this amazing game.