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Microsoft Freecell Solitaire

The main feature of the game Microsoft Freecell Solitaire that distinguishes it from most other solitaire games is that all the cards are initially open to the player, and he has a complete picture of the state of the playing field. Not least because of this, the influence of luck on the outcome in the game decreases; according to statistics, even in the most difficult version of solitaire, more than 99% of the cards are allowed.

Sll cards are open initially – it makes sense to study them in advance to roughly draw up a plan of action. Think several moves ahead. First of all, you should transfer the Aces to the “house”. Use empty cells wisely. Do not move anything there, then it will not be easy to remove the cards from there. This is especially true for Kings and other senior cards, which can be returned to the field only after the cells are free there. It is important to clear at least one column as soon as possible. It is not always necessary to make obvious moves.