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Solitaire Story

In the game Solitaire Story you have different worlds in one story. You start in Austria with 60 levels. If you have enough stars, you can travel to the next world, namely Bali, then you can continue your journey to Italy, Japan, Iceland, the Great Barrier Reef, Egypt, Arizona, Paris and finally Tanzania. Together, there are over 350 levels. So, you be addicted to this game.

The goal of the game is to disassemble the figure in the form of cards placing the cards one by one in the “house”. The suit and colour of the card do not matter. For passing the level only one rule works – each discarded card can differ only by one from the card located in the “house”. The game contains daily and weekly events. Returning every day, you can unlock new challenges. Some of these events are: collect X stars, remove a certain number of cards or remove the total number of cards. These challenges give you additional coins that you can use in the shop.