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Spider Solitaire HTML5

Spider Solitaire HTML5 is a logic game for those who want to contemplate but will have to think a lot here. At the very beginning, the player needs to choose the level of difficulty he wants to play. You can choose to play with only one suit (easy level), with two (medium) and with all four (hard). After that, you will see face down cards placed in several columns. The last cards in each row will be revealed. It is necessary to add cards of the same suit in one column starting with the King. If there are no moves left, you can click on the deck and another row of cards will appear.

The goal of the game, as in almost all solitaire games, is to clear the playing field and collect all the cards by suit. You need to take two decks of 52 cards, mix thoroughly and arrange them into ten piles face down. Only the top cards in the piles are face up. Moreover, the first four piles contain six cards, and the remaining six piles contain five. The rest of the deck is set aside for use after all possible moves have been made. Cards can be shifted from the lowest to highest in descending order, the highest is a King, the lowest is an Ace.