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Addiction Solitaire

We invite you to solve another Addiction Solitaire puzzle. Here is a playing field filled with cards. You must arrange all the suits in the order of increasing values along the horizontal rows. You can swap two cards, they will be highlighted.

After the deal, all Aces are removed from the playing field, and empty cells are formed. To play Addiction Solitaire, you need to lay out cards in order from a 2 to a King. You can shift cards highlighted in green only on empty cells and only if there is a card of the same suit next to a cell, which is larger or smaller by 1 in value to the highlighted one. Arrange the cards in 4 rows, sorting them in ascending order from a 2 to a King. Each card can be moved to an empty cell if it differs from the adjacent card with an empty cell by 1 rank. For example, in an empty cell between a 2 and a 10, you can transfer a 3, an Ace, a 9, a Jack. If you find yourself in a situation where there are no moves or there are no good moves, then use the Shuffle key.