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Klondike Green

Taking as a basis the mega-popular Klondike Green, they proposed a system of card layouts, depending on the date (day, month and year). That is, you can choose any number from the calendar at a convenient moment, and it will serve as the basis for a unique solitaire layout. The game provides 2 options: according to the calendar and the usual. In the usual type, you have the opportunity to choose the mode of dealing cards: one by one or three – whichever is more convenient for you.

The layout is in 7 columns: in the first – 1 card, in the second – two, and in the seventh – seven. All the cards in the columns are face down, and only the top ones are open and can be taken. These 7 columns in the game are used to sort cards and create sequences with decreasing values. When shifting between columns, the following rule must be followed. You can transfer one or several cards pre-ordered by value. You can put a card on another only if it is one lower in value than the other and its suit is of a different colour.