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Pyramid solitaire

This is the classic Pyramid solitaire game. There is nothing complicated about it. You will see a deck of cards laid out in piles and face down. You will reveal the lower cards in turn, removing the upper ones and combining them to have the groups specified by the rules. Solitaire is very easy to play, so it is unlikely that you will get stuck. You will surely like that simple type of solitaire, where there are no special difficulties, you can shift cards mechanically while observing their combinations and having a great rest after a difficult day at work.

You can open some other solitaire if you want more difficulties in the alignment since here your chances of a successful finish are higher than ever. To pick up cards, starting from the bottom row, start looking for cards that add up to thirteen. Everything is simple: a King – 13 points, combinations of a Queen + an Ace and a Jack + 2 also give thirteen points. If there are no suitable free combinations in the pyramid, use the cards from the deck located at the bottom of the playing field.