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Solitaire Story 2

For everyone who loves to spend their free time playing various solitaire games, we present the new game Solitaire Story 2. It is a solitaire adventure game. You have to click on a card that is above or below the card at the bottom of the playing field. You start with a very basic level where all the cards match. By earning stars, you can move to the next level. A goal is set for each level. For instance, Level 2 aims to clear all cards. If you can no longer play a card, you can click on the pile for a new card.

In this game, piles of cards will lie on the playing field. The upper ones will be face up and you will see their values. Under the piles, there will be one card, for example, a five of hearts. You need to examine everything you see and find the card with the highest value of any suit. It should be a six. By clicking on it, you will transfer it to the top five. So, gradually disassembling the piles of cards, you will clear the playing field.