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Eight Off Solitaire

Eight Off Solitaire game is the oldest in the category of slot games. This solitaire is laid out in one deck on eight piles of open cards. It has 8 free cells of the reserve, instead of the classic 4 like in Free Cell Solitaire. At the beginning of the game, four of the eight slots are filled, but later on, this powerful tool provides more benefits than you might imagine.
How to play

As in the Free Cell, the goal of the game is to fill 4 bases with Aces and group the remaining cards on them according to the growth of each suit. At a time, only one card can be transferred to the next highest suit, but as long as there are enough free cells in the reserve, the transfer of grouped piles is allowed. An empty place on the playing field can be occupied by a King or a sequential group of cards with a King at the end. The first thing to do is to collect Aces into funds, then the lower cards, as they appear in the game, can be folded by suit. When the fund fills out a few cards, organize the columns using free spaces.